Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and What It Means for Greeting Card Publishers Webinar - Jan 2024

Over the last several years, numerous states have considered enacting Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation for paper and plastic.  These laws transfer the responsibility for the costs of recycling and disposal of paper and plastic packaging – and in some cases, paper products, i.e., greeting cards – from communities to manufacturers and producers. Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation seek to place the financial responsibility for recycling and waste management onto manufacturers. Many proposed EPR programs include paper products that could result in significant unexpected costs for greeting card publishers. Erin Brower, Senior Director of Government Affairs for Hallmark Cards, Inc., reviews the 2024 EPR landscape and advise greeting card publishers on what they can do to advocate for legislation that exempts taxing greeting cards. You can also review a full EPR Outlook Report for 2024 here.

Speaker: Erin Brower, Senior Director of Government Affairs for Hallmark Cards, Inc

This webinar was recorded on Wednesday, January 10th at 10am MT/12pm ET.

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