Cards in the UK Webinar: Brokerage, Distribution, and Retail - January 2024

Did you miss this year’s in person Workshop + Retreat? Good news! Warren Lomax presented his Workshop + Retreat session again, but this time LIVE on zoom for anyone who missed it. Warren gave a brief history of his 30 years of being at the centre of the global greeting card market before give a brief ‘tour de Force’ of the different greeting card markets around the globe. He then talked about the vibrancy of the UK greeting card market and why the UK has now the highest per capita send of cards of any country including the U.S. He also the highlighted some of the differences and similarities between the UK and US greeting card market, and explored ways that as a US publisher, you could seek to enter the UK and indeed other overseas markets.

Speaker: Warren Lomax, Joint owner of Progressive Greetings, PGBUZZ and Progressive Greetings Live

This webinar was recorded on Tuesday, January 23rd, 2024.

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