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It Wasn’t a Cliff…It Was a Launchpad: Using the Ashes of 2020 to Reimagine New Possibilities – Shannon Cohen, Founder/CEO, Shannon Cohen, Inc.

  • We have lamented the losses of 2020 long enough. Now is the time to release, reset, and reimagine. In this interactive session, Shannon will share inspiration + strategy designed to uplift and ignite. Attendees will leave this session inspired to reimagine the cliffs of 2020 as launchpads for their next BIG idea!
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Greetings from Across the Pond – Amanda Fergusson, Executive Director, GCA UK, and Nora Weiser, Executive Director, GCA US

  • Join Greeting Card Association UK’s Executive Director, Amanda Fergusson, and Nora Weiser, Executive Director of our own stateside GCA for an interview style discussion about, well, greeting cards! Amanda will share insights from GCA UK’s own recent conference, trends from the High Street, and some of the challenges and opportunities publishers and retailers will have to overcome in year ahead. You’ll also get a chance to view this year’s fun Thinking of You Week video created to promote greeting cards within the industry and to consumers.


Industry Fundamentals: What’s Changed And What Hasn’tAri Lowenstein, Chief Strategy Officer and Todd Litzman, Co-Founder and CEO, Brandwise

  • What’s changed? Almost everything and nothing at all! What’s the same? Almost everything and nothing at all! Salespeople present products to retailers to create orders, these orders, in turn, are delivered to suppliers, and finally these orders are shipped to the retailers. These haven’t changed. Fundamentally, what we’ve experienced over the past seven months comes down to a rapid adjustment to HOW we work with each other and our customers. During this session, Todd and Ari will cover a broad range of topics, focusing on this adjustment and the impact on gift and home stakeholders. Specific to the the Greeting Card industry, Brandwise has aggregated the sales data from 50 GCA members for every state in the country over the past 25 months. Combined with 170 Agencies, 4,000 Salespeople, 3,500 Suppliers and 300K retailers Brandwise holds a broad base of experience and data. 


The Power of Mail, Wendell Brown Sr, Inspirational Speaker

  • In today’s society we have become accustomed and maybe even reliant on communicating through our cellphones, tablets and laptops for human interaction. We also rely heavily on our ability to communicate verbally. What happens when these forms of communication are no longer available to us? Wendell will speak on what it was like to be in a situation where our most common forms of communication were stripped away and he was forced to rely solely on cards and letters.  He will also emphasize on the power and importance of interaction through written word.


Update on the USPS Partnership with the GCA: A Dialogue with Steve Monteith – Steve Monteith,  Chief Customer and Marketing Officer, USPS

  • Update on the USPS Partnership with the GCA: A Dialogue with Steve Monteith, the newly promoted Chief Customer and Marketing Officer. USPS has faced numerous challenges from COVID, the contentious election season, and new leadership. Learn how the USPS is managing these challenges and their impact on the partnership with the greeting card industry to grow cards in the mailstream.



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Shannon Cohen - Presentation 00:28:55
Amanda Fergusson - Presentation 00:23:47
Ari Lowenstein and Todd Litzman -Brandwise Presentation 00:34:50
Wendell Brown Sr - Presentation 00:21:24
Steve Monteith - Part 1 - USPS Presentation 00:16:08
Steve Monteith - Part 2 - USPS Presentation 00:15:48
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