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Breakout A: Code Blue: Reviving a Paper Business in a Pandemic – Janna Wade,Owner and Designer, Paper Mummy Co

  • Just when you think your stationery business is on life support, visit an E.R. (GCA Workshop) STAT! Think your business needs C.P.R. (Cards & Product Resuscitation)? Learn how to breathe new life into it while catering to an ever-changing customer base during a global pandemic. Don’t reinvent the wheel; channel your inner marketing guru, Seth Godin; and get a full workup on your approach to customer service. Same-day testing available and labs are covered by assurance that you’ll feel better after attending this workshop.
  • For a copy of the presentation slides, click here.


Breakout B: The Power of Influence: What Happens When You Show Up – Regina Patterson, Owner and Principal, RRP Marketing

  • Users continue to see social media platforms as a place where they go to catch up with friends and family, crack a joke, and voice their latest rant. Social media channels are personal. The last thing a person is looking to encounter is advertising. So why not be personal? The reality is that 1) people buy from people or 2) people buy because they were influenced by another person. Whether real or fictitious, top-performing organizations and individuals with rising personal platforms are leveraging personality and authenticity as a key differentiator.
  • For a copy of the presentation slides, click here.


Breakout C: Working with Sales Reps for Small Brands -- Charlie Wright, Founder, Minor Thread

  • Welcome to Working With Sales Reps 101! We'll talk about the basics of working with sales reps with a focus on small brands. Join us for a fun presentation followed by a Q&A session.
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