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Impact of COVID on the Greeting Card Category – Ryan Myers, VP, Insights and Analytics, Hallmark

  • This session will take a deep dive on how COVID has disrupted global commerce and specifically how it has impacted the greeting card industry. Because of COVID, consumer behaviors have shifted— people are leaving their homes less and have reduced physical shopping trips, accelerating the growth of eCommerce by several years, Greeting Card sales have been disproportionately negatively affected in stores due to reduced trips, altered celebrations and shopping discomfort. Yet consumer sentiment towards the card category has materially improved during COVID, and getting cards in people’s hands can increase consumption
  • For a copy of the presentation slides, click here.


Pivoting in the New Retail Climate and Current Trends – Kyle Williams,  Director of Merchandising & General Manager, Paper Source

  • We are all being pushed outside of our comfort zone. Through the short time we have together, I hope to enlighten, inspire, and challenge us all to think outside box by discussing the current trends and changing environment in our industry.
  • For a copy of the presentation slides, click here.


Stationery Storytelling in the Age of COVID-19, Sarah Schwartz, Editor, The Paper Nerd The Paper Fold Stationery Trends

  • So much has changed, so fast. However one thing remains abundantly clear: We still want to connect. Join Sarah Schwartz, editor of Stationery Trends, The Paper Nerd and The Paper Fold, as she shares a few of the trend stories running through customers' minds right now. Whatever your current selling stage, she’ll show you how to dazzle, inspire and engage your audience.
  • For a copy of the presentation slides, click here.


The Convergence of Diversity, Inclusion, and Marketing – Regina Patterson, Owner and Principal, RRP Marketing

  • Embracing the idea of diversity, inclusion and equity is not about numbers. It’s not about the number of people you have on your team from a marginalized community nor is it about the potential for revenue. When an organization embraces multiculturalism in it’s purest form, it acknowledges that the experiences of marginalized communities are their business. These organizations adopt actions and proclamations that emphatically say “I see you, I appreciate you, I support you, and I am WITH you.”
  • For a copy of the presentation slides, click here.



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