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Breakout A: How to Form Strategic Partnerships for Growing Your Business – Tara Tonsetic, Owner/Founder,

  • In this session, you will learn how to successfully form strategic partnerships, as well as cultivate existing relationships to increase exposure and growth for your business. The session will provide attendees the tools and tips they need to work on this area of their business with practical examples, such as some insight on the launching of a greeting card quarterly subscription mailer and real-life scenarios. Within the theme of Reset. Recover. Reimagine., attendees will walk away with a solid plan to interject this strategy into their already existing marketing plan.
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Breakout B: Digital to Print in 2020 – Sam Meek, CEO/Co-Founder and Phil Linder,Director of Operations, Sandboxx

  • Sandboxx is a mobile technology company that offers a digital to print mail service for military families and recruits in basic training. Sandboxx users can use the app for your smartphone to send a physical letter and photo to a loved one in military basic training. Sandboxx was created to enable people to send letters to anyone in basic training from the convenience of their smartphone. We have create a service that blends both digital technology and paper letters that keeps families connected with their loved ones while in training. To date Sandboxx users have sent 5 million letters since 2015 to recruits and service members in the country and around the world. Sandboxx letters are printed and mailed overnight from Arlington, VA.
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Breakout C: Navigating the World of Sales Reps & Maintaining Relationships with Stores – Allison De Meulder, Former Owner of Matrick Eve and Invitation Consultants, Emerson Built That

  • Love designing cards and gifts, but not sure how to sell them? Your designs need a home, so find them places to land. We’ll discuss three types of goals: brand, rep, store. Brand goals address getting the brand into paper loving stores; and deciding between sales rep groups versus independent reps. Once you’ve made it through the door and are in the company of other fabulous brands, how can you stand out? Well, that is where rep goals come in. How to make rep lives’ easier, get your product seen at stores and get feedback that is uber important to keep growing, as they have all of the juicy details. Now that your product has been picked up by stores, you have store goals and a captive audience. Build those relationships, as you never know when you and your rep group break up. It’s all part of the wholesale puzzle!
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