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Industry and Buying Insights from the Online Marketplace, Faire – Sarah Ittelson, Head of Strategic Partnerships, FAIRE

  • As the retail industry navigates this unprecedented holiday season, online wholesale marketplace, Faire has been working to analyze buying behavior on the platform, gathering insights to help brands and retailers be as prepared as possible for the unpredictable nature of this season. During this presentation, Sara will share an overview of the results and trends collected from Faire’s first virtual trade show, Faire Summer Market, which gathered thousands of independent brands and retailers at the end of August to kickoff the holiday buying season. The presentation will also share new insights gleaned from a November survey to arm the GCA community with up to date intel on what strategies are working for Faire’s community of over 100,000 brands and retailers.
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Digital Strategies to Reach New Customers - Ariana Waller, Wallway Technologies

  • Let's talk about tangible digital strategies to Reach New Customers. Ariana waller, CEO of Wallway Technologies will walk you through a 20 minute session sharing 4 apps your business must use to reach new customers and 3 apps every greeting card business owner needs for their website to help with lead generation and enhancing your customers digital experience! In the last 10 minutes attendees will have the opportunity to vote on which technical strategy they would like to be demonstrated live on Friday!
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An Adventure in Shopping: An Independent Retailer Pivot Story – Mary Liz Curtin, Owner, Leon & LuLu

  • Set in the historic Ambassador Roller Rink and Clawson Theater in Downtown Clawson, Michigan, Leon & Lulu offers one-of-a-kind & custom furniture, as well as a spectacular selection of gifts, books, toys, accessories, and greeting cards. This virtual tour through side by side locations ends with a socially distanced conversation with Dave Phipps and Mary Liz Curtin inside the Clawson Theater. Discover the philosophy driving the success of Leon & Lulu and the techniques Mary Liz employed to pivot - or scramble, as she puts it - during the Pandemic. From live social media events to e-commerce to the ins and outs of selling greeting cards, Mary Liz candidly shares her struggles and successes as an independent retailer in 2020.




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