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Option A: We Need Diversity. Now What?

  • Juana De Los Santos, Director of Equal Opportunity & Diversity, Brown University
  • With all that has taken place in the last year there’s no question that there is a greater need for inclusive spaces. This session will be a facilitated and interactive space that provides participants with an opportunity to reflect on their values and reaffirm their commitment to co-creating and building an inclusive community within their organization. Attention is given to skill-building and action steps that individuals can take to support a sense of belonging and inclusion for everyone. We will also review key elements to creating a respectful community and showcase the benefits of building an inclusive environment.
  • For the slides from this session, click here.


Option B: Re-Animating The Customer Experience

  • Preston Herrin, Founder, Managing Director, HCG, Inc.
  • Successful organizations discovered new ways to be agile through the lengthy pandemic. As commerce reinvigorates, now is the time to reanimate the customer experience with new breadth and depth. This business management discussion will center on the four parts of becoming a dynamic customer experience-driven company: 1) Quantify your current operating reality, 2) Qualify crucial customer context, 3) Take radical ownership of outcomes, 4) Galvanize and grade your resources. Following these four steps will launch you and your company on a journey where customer experience transcends culture and becomes a business philosophy.
  • For the slides from this session, click here.


Option C: Panel: Helpful Brain Hacks for Card Makers: How to Work and Feel Better, Too (Part 1)

  • Panelists:
    • Jennifer Bridge, Branded Beet
    • Nikki Knez, Branded Beet
    • Christine Gust
    • Moderated by Sharon Glassman, Smile Songs
  • Your brain is so artistically creative (yay!). But it also can create stressful experiences, like: overthinking. What Ifs. Fear. Worry. Oh! And did we mention the anxiety that can come from overthinking, etc.? The good news: Many of our brain’s “fight or flight” responses are leftovers from our cave-dweller days. 
    Isn’t it time we considered a helpful redesign?
    Our panel has been there and done it. They’ll offer actionable tips that can you turn “Ew, Stress!” into the positively productive, positive state known as “Eustress.” We’ll talk about neurobiology for designers, stress-less social media, how to hack your mindset to make your brain your favorite employee and more.
  • Note: This is a two part panel. The second half will play during the next Breakout Session slot at 4:00pm ET!



Juana De Los Santos, Brown University, Session 00:30:00
Preston Herrin, HCG Inc. Session 00:30:00
Brain Hacks Panel, Part 1, Session 00:30:00

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