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Option A: Growing your Business, getting out of your own way

  • Mike Smith, Owner, Crown Point Graphics
  • Growing a business is tough. From dreaming, design, sales, manufacturing, planning, marketing, shipping, customer service, finance, when do we have time to do it all? Life Balance, what is that? There comes time when a growing business reaches a tipping point and has to figure out how to do more and you have run out of hours in the day. This session will shed some insights on what you can do to not squeeze more time out of your day but to prioritize and surround yourself with the right resources to grow your business and gain some life work balance.
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Option B: Beyond the Envelope: How to Build Brand Longevity

  • Kathy Cano-Murillo, Card Designer and Author, Crafty Chica, LLC dba: Mucho Mas Art Studio
  • This session is about thinking BIG and crafting a brand that goes beyond a greeting card line, but one that sparks inspiration, conversation and community. Kathy, The Crafty Chica, will shares the social media success methods she has used to build her brand across licensing, publishing, influencer campaigns, hosting retreats, speaking, and blogging.



Option C: Panel: Helpful Brain Hacks for Card Makers: How to Work and Feel Better, Too (Part 2)

  • Panelists:
    • Jennifer Bridge , Branded Beet
    • Nikki Knez, Branded Beet
    • Christine Gust
    • Moderated by Sharon Glassman, Smile Songs
  • Your brain is so artistically creative (yay!). But it also can create stressful experiences, like: overthinking. What Ifs. Fear. Worry. Oh! And did we mention the anxiety that can come from overthinking, etc.? The good news: Many of our brain’s “fight or flight” responses are leftovers from our cave-dweller days. 
    Isn’t it time we considered a helpful redesign?
    Our panel has been there and done it. They’ll offer actionable tips that can you turn “Ew, Stress!” into the positively productive, positive state known as “Eustress.” We’ll talk about neurobiology for designers, stress-less social media, how to hack your mindset to make your brain your favorite employee and more.



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Kathy Cano-Murillo, Crafty Chica, Session Recording 00:30:00
Brain Hacks Panel, Part 2, Session Recording 00:30:00

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